How to use me – Babeskin

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How to use me


How to use me with makeup  

I'm flexible but here are a couple of options I'd suggest.

DRY SKIN: Add 1 drop on each cheek before applying makeup and massage all over the skin to use me as a base/primer.

Add 1 drop to silicone-based matte foundation & mix well. Apply foundation all over the skin as usual.

How to use me with skincare

DRY SKIN: Mix 1-2 drops to your moisturizer and apply as usual OR use 1-2 drops and massage all over skin after applying moisturizer

OILY SKIN: Use 1 drop and massage all over skin before applying moisturizer.

BEFORE SLEEP (ALL SKIN TYPES): Use 2-3 drops to massage all over skin after moisturizer to use me as a final step of sealing the moisture in. (Massaging helps me to sink into your skin, bbg).