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How to join

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What is a 3 hours oil challenge?

3 hours oil challenge is a campaign to promote awareness of Pre-Makeup Oil to oily human beings.

How do I participate in the 3 Hours Oil Challenge?

  1. ACCEPT: Accept the challenge. 
  2. APPLY the Pre-Makeup Oil only to half of your face/makeup/skincare and finish the other side of your face without the Pre-Makeup Oil.
  3. RECORD: After 3 hours, record yourself using 2 blotting papers to blot both cheeks and show the result comparison on camera.
  4. UPLOAD: Upload your video to Instagram, tag @heybabeskin, use hashtag #3HoursOilChallenge & turn at least 3 of your friends into BABES by tagging them.
  • You can only participate in the challenge when a BABE dares you by tagging you on Instagram. Once tagged, you can choose to be turned as a BABE and join the challenge OR ignore. If you decided to join, please tag the BABE who challenged you.
  • Instagram account MUST be public so we can follow your progress
  • By joining, you're giving us access to use your video for future content on our social media & website.

How do I win the challenge?

VIDEO VIEWS: Top 4 participants with most video views will win the challenge.

Winning tips

  1. Use popular makeup or skincare hashtags & you might get a chance of appearing on Instagram Explore page = more video views = higher chances of winning = good for you (and me). The optimum number of hashtags? 11.

  2. Get friends to send a burst of likes & comments shortly after you posted your video. This allows for a better performance on your IG feed & on Instagram Explore page = higher chances of getting more video views = higher chances of winning.

It’s all about the views, babe. I know you can! Best of luck xx

What is the duration of the competition?

Start date: April 14, 2019

End date: May 12, 2019

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